23 Oct 2019
Wesley 3 v Regent 0

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Live feed starts here after push back at 11.15 on Thursday

3-0 final score.
Jack Smalley scores from a PC, 3-0 Wesley. Into the 4th quarter now.
End of Q3.
PC Wesley and Walker drags flat for Ruttle to deflect in. 2-0 Wesley.
Start of the second half, Regent win a PC and the resulting drag flick is saved.
1-0 up half time.

Ben Cullen with a great finish to put Wesley 1-0 up.

PC for Regent and Bailey makes a double save from the initial drag flick and the follow up rebound.

First PC of the game to Wesley and it’s a drag flick wide.

Galbraith wins a turnover in midfield and it results with Cullen 1v1 but the Regent keeper saves well.

Start of Q2 and two Wesley players slip and Regent nearly have a 1v1 with the keeper but it comes to nothing.

End of the first quarter and it’s 0-0 here in KH. Wesley with the majority of possession but haven’t found a breakthrough yet.